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ESP8266. Outdoor weather station

espressifText herein is the continuation of my previous work with ESP8266-07 WiFi module. That work was related to connecting the ESP with humidity/temperature sensor (DHT22) and pressure sensor (BMP180). The weather station prototype described here consist of set of ready-to-use modules: ESP8266-07, DHT22, BMP180 and DC-DC converter module (built on LM2596HV chip). All components mentioned above was purchased in shop. As enclosure was used standard box with flanges from Gainta (model G203MF).


Outdoor weather station

The described device includes the next sensors – DHT22 and BMP180 which allows to measure such parameters of an weather condition as temperature, humidity and pressure,

  • Pressure 300…1100 hPa (30…110 kPa)
  • Temperature -40…+80 °C
  • Humidity 0…100%

Power supplies to this device with AC-DC adapter 220V-9v(5V), voltage from such adapter is additional converted with DC-DC converter to the level 3,3V.
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Weather station

weather-stationAVR (Atmel) based weather station. Was developed for remote sensing of micro-climate parameters.

Controlled by ATmega8A Atmel datasheet *.pdf CPU. CPU reads sensors and send data to PC via serial interface (RS-232 , 9600 bod). PCB board was developed in size which allow further installation into the Gainta G-203CMF Gainta datasheet *.pdf housing.  Current weather station could measure the next parameters:

  • Pressure (BMP085) 225…826 mm.Hg.
  • Temperature (DS18B20, DHT22, BMP085) -50…+50°С
  • Humidity (DHT22/AM2302) 0…99%

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