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ESP8266. Outdoor weather station

espressifText herein is the continuation of my previous work with ESP8266-07 WiFi module. That work was related to connecting the ESP with humidity/temperature sensor (DHT22) and pressure sensor (BMP180). The weather station prototype described here consist of set of ready-to-use modules: ESP8266-07, DHT22, BMP180 and DC-DC converter module (built on LM2596HV chip). All components mentioned above was purchased in arduino-ua.com shop. As enclosure was used standard box with flanges from Gainta (model G203MF).


Outdoor weather station

The described device includes the next sensors – DHT22 and BMP180 which allows to measure such parameters of an weather condition as temperature, humidity and pressure,

  • Pressure 300…1100 hPa (30…110 kPa)
  • Temperature -40…+80 °C
  • Humidity 0…100%

Power supplies to this device with AC-DC adapter 220V-9v(5V), voltage from such adapter is additional converted with DC-DC converter to the level 3,3V.
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ESP8266. Hello world

espressifFirst try with WiFi module ESP8266 (ESP-07) produced by Espressif. Actually first trying to use this module I have performed at last year. But then my experiments with module end with some firmware malfunction. At this time all goes more or less fine. The first thing which I made after purchasing the module was upload a NodeMCU firmware. This firmware allows me to use the lua-scripts for programming the ESP8266. Since previous year NodeMCU has a lot of changes. A lot of sensors have a support  which is built-in NodeMCU. So data from these sensors could be read with use embedded functions without any third-party libraries.


Prototype. ESP07, AM2302 and BMP085

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